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All Woodoc Sealers are formulated to protect and nourish wood besides forming a tough decorative finish. They deep penetrate the surface and bond with the wood, "living" with it and giving the longest possible life and surface protection. Indoor Woodoc Sealers form a long lasting beautiful finish that protects wood against heat, alcohol and water staining whilst resisting bumps and scratches. Few features in a home rival the warmth and glow of a well-treated wooden floor. Woodoc Floor Sealers deep penetrate to nourish and enhance the grain of the wood, while providing a tough, flexible surface that can withstand everyday use. Exterior Woodoc Sealers are designed to resist the elements and are UV- and moisture resistant. At the end of their life cycles they biodegrade and only need cleaning down with Woodoc and SteelWool and mineral turpentine before resealing with Woodoc again. No special scraping or sand papering is required.
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  • Woodoc - Indoor Sealer (oil based)
    Woodoc - Indoor Sealer (oil based)
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